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Textile and apparel software
Co management software
Textiles Software

TailoredMore professional

Senior experts,Efforts to create a flagship enterprise management,932More professional software!

IndustryAdvanced managementMode

Efficient information management,To solve the enterprise bottleneck.Promote the development,To improve business efficiency!

To solve moreAccurateMoreConvenient

Report is clear,For the enterprise management decision to provide timely、Accurate digital basis!

Fast stabilityConcise and practical

High speed and stable performance,The data processing is safe and accurate。Local long distance,Comprehensive solution!

Tens of thousands of customers
Common choice……

Includes industry:TThe T-shirt、A shirt、My pajamas、The bra、Underwear、Underwear、Fashion、Children's clothes、Supplementary material、Household to take、Sports clothes、Knitting factory、Co、Lace line, etc。